One Ocean... One Future... One Kid at a Time...

What Kids are Saying

"The way this book was written moved me from thinking sharks were only nasty creatures to thinking they are beautiful creatures."
-- Christopher James Payne

"Someday, overfishing will be recognized as a problem that we are creating, and the time will come when there are no more sharks left to fin." -- 13-year-old Mandy Zhou in a letter to the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources in June of 2003. Mandy urged the department to consider the costs to the environment and economy of continuing to allow shark finning in Philippine waters.

"This is my first time to see a book which attacks my mind so hard. It make me to care about shark so much." -- Jun Ho Lee, a 13-year-old South Korean student at the International School of Manila

"I have learnt so much doing during this unit. I never knew how endangered the oceans really were, or about sharkfin soup and tuna populations. Learning all this has made me care about the ocean and want to do something to help protect it. I was also very surprised about how complicated ecosystems are." -- Mia Stone, a 12 year old Australian student at Mount Zaagham International School, Papua, Indonesia

"Integrity means doing what's right when nobody's looking."
-- Rebecca Garz an 11 year old South African student, Mt. Zaagham International School, Papua, Indonesia

"If pulling out one brick can topple a building, what if sharks are that brick?"
-- Nisanth Parameswaran, a 13-year-old Malaysian student at the International School of Manila